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Pentax 67 Extension Tubes | Portra 800 pushed 2 stops

I’ve had extension tubes for my Pentax 67ii for a while now and only used them once, if I remember correctly (which is not something to take for granted), so I thought I’d do a quick project in the kitchen and take some photos of some flowers we’d just bought. It was fairly light in […]

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Dawn Light | Low key Kodak Ektar and Fuji 400H

It’s no secret that I like winter. Spring and summer are often considered to be the most colourful times of year, full of life rather than the hibernation seen during winter but I’ve always loved the colours during winter, though, and the light I find far more interesting and characterful in comparison to summer. I […]

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Stanage Edge | Derbyshire Peak District

Some time ago, in fact February of this year, friends Michael and Andrea¬†visited us after having only conversed via email in the course of us processing their film. We gave them a quick tour of UK Film Lab and then headed straight to Stanage Edge in the Peak District. We’d previously had quite a bit […]

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Fuji 400H pushed 2 and 3 stops | Longshaw Estate

Many people know that I am a Fuji fan, and it’s not because of the myth that it’s the ‘pastel’ film. It’s not that I don’t love Kodak film stocks, because Ektar is one of my favourites, but I find Fuji 400H such a flexible film stock whether you have light or dark, and contrary […]

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Wild Comfort

“Do not be surprised that the return of the light lifts your spirits. Do not be surprised that warmth on your back calms you and makes you glad…this is part of who you have been for a million years. Find the warm places; do not expect them to come to you. When you find them, […]

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Shadow Days | Shooting for the Highlights | 400H

For some time now when leaving the lab at night time to see the last remnants of a golden summer evening, I’ve had it in mind to go to one of our favourite spots to take some photos of those final few minutes of sunlight. Well, we finally managed to make it happen and I […]

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Chatsworth in Summer | Ektar for high and low key

Ever since I started shooting film seriously, most things I’ve read and seen about film photography are about creating soft shadows, images filled with light; images that glow. I confess I do like that style but on a recent trip out I felt I wanted to explore a more low key look – to capture […]

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