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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Finn Slough | Richmond BC | Kodak Portra 800

I’ve dipped in and out of these photos for quite some time. In fact, it is just over 1 year since I took these photos and I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to put them on here. Nevertheless, here they are alongside the story of how we happened upon this place and […]

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As Colour Turns to Black and White | Portra 800

When it’s clear here in the evening, there are just a few moments after the sun has gone down when the sky is about to turn from blue to black and the mountains are in between colour and black and white. Trees are an inky black and the mountains glow in a subtle and magical way […]

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This is Hope – Part 2 | Portra 800 | Polarising Filter

For a while now I’ve been searching for a colour film stock that renders snowy scenes in the way that I’m happy with, and I’m pleased to say that Kodak Portra 800 has won; from now on I don’t think I will be using any other colour film stock for wintery scenes, and as far as […]

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This is Hope | Kodak Portra 800

Hope is nestled among the mountains, and this is the very thing that attracted us to this town when deciding where we wanted to live in Canada. You could pretty much live anywhere in Hope and see spectacular mountains from any window in your house. It does, though, come with its own challenges when it […]

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Around Hope in Winter | Kodak T-MAX 400

It’s been snowing quite a lot over the last few days, which I’m led to believe is fairly unusual around here. Nevertheless we headed out into town yesterday, stopped off for coffee at the Blue Moose, and then had a walk around with our cameras. I’ve been enjoying the look of T-MAX for a while […]

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Silver Skagit Road | Hope BC | Kodak TRI-X

Today it snowed – our first snow since moving to Canada. Having been in the forecast for days but doing nothing other than rain it took us by surprise! Since arriving in Canada I haven’t shot as much film as I’d have liked – it has just been too busy, and the film I have shot […]

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