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Fuji 400H pushed 2 and 3 stops | Longshaw Estate

Many people know that I am a Fuji fan, and it’s not because of the myth that it’s the ‘pastel’ film. It’s not that I don’t love Kodak film stocks, because Ektar is one of my favourites, but I find Fuji 400H such a flexible film stock whether you have light or dark, and contrary to the myth perpetuated by one particular photographer, Fuji 400H is incredible when it comes to under-exposing it in camera ¬†with a view to pushing in development. I simply do not see any other film stock delivering such faithfully natural results after push development.

I’ve been going through my photo archives as I’m aware I have a not insignificant back catalogue that I’ve never brought to the light of day. Here are a few shots taken at twilight during autumn 2014. All shots are taken with my Pentax 67ii. The b&w is Ilford Delta 3200 and all the colour shots are Fuji 400H and apart from the final shot¬†were taken at ISO 1600 and pushed 2 stops in development. The final shot in this blog post was 400H exposed at ISO 3200 and pushed 3 stops in development. Processing by UK Film Lab.

Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0001Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0002Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0003Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0004Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0005Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0006Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0007Longshaw estate Derbyshire Peak District_0008

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