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Polaroid 600SE | Stanage Edge

I try to resist buying new cameras. Part of it is because I do try to not spend significant amounts of money, but the other part of it is that I do feel really attracted to the ethos of owning one camera and totally mastering just that one camera. So here I am, jack of all cameras (well, a Contax 645, a Leica M6, a Canon 1V, and now a Polaroid 600SE…so by no means ‘all cameras’), and master of none.

So anyway, I have been toying with the idea of owning a Polaroid 600SE for some time. I’ve ‘watched’ a few in eBay, eyed-up some in various groups on Facebook, but then I used a Polaroid 440 owned by my friend Kathryn, and it finally made my mind up: I needed a Polaroid camera, and it would be the Polaroid 600SE. Well as luck would have it there were a couple on eBay, and I struck lucky and got one in great condition for a great price. I’m really excited to use this camera regularly and to use it to start building up a logbook of Polaroids along with my notes of where and when each print was taken…I think shooting instant film brings you one step closer to the act of doing something tangible with the photographs you take…which I think is the whole point. Here are a couple I shot at Stanage Edge the other day. The film is FP3000b and these are scans from the prints.

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