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Time To Take Some Time

It’s been kind of a slow week. Slow and strange, in fact. Which is funny because I just counted up weddings and since February of this year we’ve photographed 22, which makes us officially halfway through. So it’s strange that it’s been a slow week, because as you can probably imagine, there is plenty more than plenty to be doing. I’ve ended up being on a forced break…well, not quite a break, but I’ve been working more slowly this week and taking a bit more time during each day to do things for me, even though they’re just little things. What have I done? Well yesterday, I took some time to hoover the house. Did I just hear a sharp intake of breath? It didn’t actually need doing, but I kind of like things looking nice, so although I’m sure some of you recoiled in horror at me suggesting that a household chore is something for me, it was something for me because I enjoyed the benefit of looking at a newly-hoovered carpet. What else? Well, today I took apart a film insert for my film camera. I didn’t take it apart a la Alan Partridge taking apart a hotel room Corby trouser press out of boredom, but because it’s faulty and I wanted to see whether I could fix it. 20 tiny screws later I decided it was most definitely broken and beyond repair, which is good because a camera shop in London wanted £79+VAT to fix it, and I actually don’t think they would’ve been able to given that parts for my camera are pretty difficult to come across. Luckily another film insert arrived in the post today, so as one sad little insert waved goodbye to its last roll of film, another one bristled with excitement at the prospect of the many rolls of medium format film that will glide over its rollers. As one door closes, another one opens…or something like that.

So I guess it’s been time to take some time. It’s difficult though when there is so much to do, but I actually wasn’t enjoying my work as much as I usually do, and that’s not a good thing. I have been working incredibly hard almost every single day for months now and I think I just needed to break up my daily routine of editing. A holiday would’ve been even better but that would just put too long a wait on the work that’s in the pipeline so I’ve sufficed with just doing a few small things for me each day. Oh, I also decided to play some guitar, but not quite so successfully as I hoped given that it would appear that one of the valves in my amp has given up the ghost. After some research online, it turns out that my Marshall amp (bought in 1990) is now being made again but this time as a vintage re-issue. Who knew that something from 1990 is considered vintage?!

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