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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fancy An Indian? | Food Photography by Christian Ward

Some time last year my good friend Bali launched her idea for creating an Indian Cookery School called Fancy An Indian. You can probably guess who she turned to for her food photography! So Bali took a day off from her day job, I took a day off from photography business, and I headed over to […]

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A Self-Portrait and How I Did It

Over the last few months, I’ve been shooting fairly regular self-portraits. Nothing extravagant- just 10 minute set-ups- and they’ve been useful in trying out different ideas and techniques. This self-portrait below was taken in daylight, so I decided to use some off-camera flash to allow me to expose the shot as if it was night. […]

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Pet Hate >> Shoddy Photoshopping

Hate might be too strong a word, but let’s just say it gets to me. If I see a photo and I can SEE the photoshopping, the picture for me is ruined. I love fashion photography and it’s rare that I look at it and see anything other than good technique, but this morning I […]

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A Confession

A while back I signed up for regular email updates from Anthropologie. Yes, I’m a man and yes, Anthropologie makes women’s clothing. It’s not that I’m interested in buying the clothes…I just like looking at them, and specifically the photos of them. If you’ve not been on the Anthropologie site, they make very pretty stuff […]

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