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Today I’m going to set the record straight. For too long, people all over the world having been getting up in the morning, choosing their clothes for the day and all the while overlooking the possibilities and potential of the humble sock(s). People go shopping and when they need socks, they come to them in the shop and they say to each other, “Which ones- the blue, the black or the grey?”


Socks can be cool.

“But you can’t even see them because they’re under my trousers?!” you say.

Sometimes, yes, they’re hidden. But I say, is there no joy to be had just from the knowledge that you’re wearing a nice pair of socks? In any case, you may have noticed the trend these days to wear jeans and trousers slightly rolled up. Both of these points show that socks can and should be an item of clothing worth your care and attention. So next time when you need socks, think differently- because socks are people too. Well, you know what I mean. Here’s some sock candy from a little shoot I did earlier. Please note, no socks were harmed during the making of this picture.

And to finish, a tip. This is something particularly suited to cold and/or wintery days, or anybody who suffers with cold feet.

1. Wash and dry a (nice) pair of socks

2. Before bed, place the socks in question on a radiator. (N.B. Ensure central heating is set to come on before you next need socks).

3. Once up, showered and dried, remove socks from radiator.

**You now need to move very quickly from step 3 to 4. If more than 1 minute elapses between these stages, simply place socks back on the radiator for 2 minutes**

4. Place warm socks onto feet

5. Look down at your feet to see your socks

6. Breathe a sigh of inner warmth and contentment

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