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A Rainy Day at Home

Today there was some unscheduled rain. I had been sat outside enjoying a nice, albeit cloudy afternoon when it started falling and I had to retreat inside. I decided to shoot a quick roll of Kodak TMAX 400 (still my current favourite b&w film stock) through my Leica M6, just taking a few pictures around […]

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Ross Lake Rain Storm | Hope BC | Aerial Photos

A few weeks ago we ventured to Ross Lake for the first time. We heard that that road had just been re-made and had been advised that it’s a good time to drive it before the summer RV traffic ruins it! The road to Ross Lake is an unmaintained gravel road that is re-made once […]

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Hope on a Sunny Day | Kodak Portra 160

I love Portra 160 on a sunny day and it’s one of those film stocks where I know exactly how it’s going to look on film when I’m lining up the shot in my camera. When I look at scenes I have often thought that I have my own built-in filter that sees in hues […]

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Coquihalla River | Hope BC

Last weekend we walked a short walk down to where Suckers Creek runs into the Coquihalla River. We’d heard that river otters had been seen around there, but as we’d not seen them before we didn’t set too much store in seeing them. Shortly after arriving, sure enough I saw my first river otter as […]

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Yale BC | Aerial Photos

We’re lucky that Yale is just a 20 minute drive from where we live in Hope. It’s lucky because (a) I can legally recreationally fly my drone there , and (b) because the river is a great place to walk along. In tourist season there is also the ‘Ward Tea House’ based in a house […]

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Silver Lake | Hope BC | Aerial Photos

We finally made it back to Silver Lake; we were last there towards the end of autumn and then the snow came. And came. And came more. The Silver Skagit Rd is an unmaintained road that leads to Silver Lake and further on to Ross Lake, and at the best of times it’s a rough […]

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