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Hope on a Rainy Day | Kodak T-MAX 400

Being in the mountains, the weather and view from the window is constantly changing. That has benefits as well as drawbacks, as I found this weekend! Being in a valley we get a lot of low cloud and it clings to the treetops and drifts by quickly but silently. I was amazed the other day when returning home to find cloud hovering a few feet above the road outside our house, skirting around the front garden (or ‘yard’, as Canadians say!) but neatly going up our driveway; as I looked down the road I could see cloud hovering above the whole road and forming a regimented pattern as it swirled low up each driveway it came to. Seeing all of this lately has made me want to go out with my camera to capture some of this more subdued yet atmospheric weather, so when the rain stopped yesterday we headed out to the nearby marsh to a spot I had driven past recently and made a mental note to return to it with some film. I got into place, tripod up, mounted the camera, and then sure enough the rain started to come down. I managed a couple of shots in the rain and then made a run for the car and returned home. A few hours later the rain stopped, so we jumped into the car again and headed back to the marsh; walking quickly back to the spot I’d been at before, I put my tripod up, metered, and mounted my camera. And then the rain promptly came down again. I squeezed in one more shot, feeling annoyed.

Today the forecast was saying rain for the afternoon, but in the morning the cloud was low and just what I was looking for so after waffles for breakfast we got back into the car and headed out. As we reversed down the driveway a few spots of rain landed on the windscreen but not wanting to abandon hope we carried on and drove out towards Silver Creek and the airport. The rain started to get a little bit heavier just as I mounted my camera onto the tripod (as I have now come to expect) but I carried on and used various random object to try to keep rain from the lens and filters I was using. I still have plans to capture more of this atmospheric weather and I’d like to get more into trees next time, but I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out. Film stock: Kodak T-MAX 400 | Camera: Pentax 67ii with 55mm lens and grad filter | Lab: Canadian Film Lab

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