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Fuji 800 NGH II | UKFL Neighbourhood

I’m not highly in favour of shooting expired film. Firstly, you never really know what condition the film has been stored in and so unless you have a large batch it’s difficult to run a test to determine how to expose it. Secondly, buying fresh film is the best way of supporting the few film manufacturers we have, and thereby doing all we can do to keep film going. I do, though, like to occasionally shoot a roll of expired film especially if it’s a film stock that’s no longer available, and so a few weeks ago we headed out in to the area surrounding UK Film Lab and I shot a roll of Fuji 800 NGH II in 220 format using my Pentax 67ii. It’s a shame that this film stock isn’t available anymore, but I loved the results from this roll.

Fuji 800 NGH II_0001Fuji 800 NGH II_0002Fuji 800 NGH II_0003Fuji 800 NGH II_0004Fuji 800 NGH II_0005Fuji 800 NGH II_0006

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April 6, 2016 - 6:40 pm

Paul Krol - The film looks amazing. I shot a roll of it once on my P465n but it was with much harsher light and too much contrast. Yours looks great. I still have a few rolls left so will try again in some different light conditions.

April 6, 2016 - 7:04 pm

christian - Thanks Paul, I was really pleased with the results. Really wish this stock was still available. Think I’ll hunt some down on eBay. Looking forward to seeing your results when you shoot your rolls.

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