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Afitos on Film | A Quick Trip to Greece

What seems like a long time ago now, but in fact is only a few months, we flew over to the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki to shoot a wedding in Afitos. The last time I was in Greece was as a 15 year old on a school trip where we toured the ancient sights to aid in our study of classics as part of our lessons in the ancient Greek language. I remember a small amount of ancient Greek and I can speak many of the words even if I don’t know what they mean. One thing I do remember is that hippopotamous is derived from ancient Greek, literally meaning river horse. Not quite enough knowledge to get by on, but the people of Afitos were some of the most friendly people we have ever met and made it very easy to be a tourist without understanding the language.

The couple whose wedding we were shooting had decided on Afitos for their wedding as it was a place they’d taken many holidays and had fallen in love with, and within a very short amount of time in Afitos we could see why. We were thankful that we had the day before the wedding as well as the day after to wander the streets with our cameras. Here are some of the shots I took, all on Contax 645 and a mix of Fuji 400H and Kodak Ektar. All film processing by UK Film Lab.

Greece travel photography_0001Greece travel photography_0002Greece travel photography_0003Greece travel photography_0004Greece travel photography_0005Greece travel photography_0006Greece travel photography_0007Greece travel photography_0008Greece travel photography_0009Greece travel photography_0010Greece travel photography_0011Greece travel photography_0012Greece travel photography_0013Greece travel photography_0014

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