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Stop Waiting For The Stars To Align

Something I’ve heard a couple of times now over the past few weeks is that phrase: stop waiting for the stars to align. I’m a self-confessed perfectionist in most of the things I do, and so this phrase couldn’t be more appropriate for me. I’m constantly saying to myself that I need to have done X before I can do Y, and that I can’t possibly do D until I’ve done A, B and C at least a few times. So I’ve decided to start just doing things, to stop putting barriers and obstacles in my way, to act on my thoughts and ideas and just to generally ‘go for it’ a bit more, otherwise while I’m waiting for that perfect moment (which actually doesn’t really exist), someone else could well beat me to it and not even necessarily do it any better than what I would.

That’s all for now- a short and sweet message for anyone else like me who can always think of a reason why not to do something right now and to wait for the right moment.

Here are the stars above Bolton Castle at Amelia & Jonathan’s wedding that we shot last year. Would you be impressed to know I HANDHELD this shot for 54 seconds?! It’s fairly easy if you hold your breath.

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