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Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Self-Portrait in Pink (Trousers)

It’s 2012, and pink trousers are absolutely okay for men to wear. So much so, that I thought I should champion them via a self-portrait. Set-up was very simple- just natural light, and a MASSIVE silver reflector to bounce to light back from the window. And when I say massive, I mean floor to ceiling. […]

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Downtown Funk

Lately I’ve been getting back to making some recordings…the last time I did this properly it was on a digital 16 track multi-track recorder. This time it’s on Garageband through my iMac. All music written and performed by me!

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I Made Funk

While Lightroom was exporting 945 jpegs, I delved into Garageband, grabbed my trusty Les Paul and bass and ended up putting together this riff…gotta love the funk:  

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A Time To Grow

I know the title of this blog post sounds kind of deep, but rest assured, the content is not. It’s just about a picture. Well the picture I’ve made here (below) is pretty much what I intended, apart from one thing. The original idea was for the picture to show some delicate little flower apparently […]

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View From A Window

Throughout the course of the year we’ll stay in quite a number of hotels as we travel around for weddings. Late the night before the wedding when there’s little to do other than be in the hotel room I have the habit of taking my camera out of my bag and taking a few shots […]

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Time To Do Something | Part One

MainlyAboutMe is a personal blog, so I thought it was about time I shared something personal. Really personal. For some it might not be a big deal to share this particular thing, but for me it definitely is. Coming up next week, is how this happened:  

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Blogging Faster | Using Blogstomp

Blogging used to take ages. Then quite some time ago I discovered Blogstomp. So last week I thought I’d record a little webcast/screencast thingy about Blogstomp and include some footage of me using it to put together a post. Hopefully if you’ve not discovered blogstomp yet, or if you’re not convinced about how great it […]

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